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The Rio Palena is one of the premier trout rivers in Chile; and considered by many to be one of the premier rivers in the world.  It  is a classic trout stream packed with long dry fly glides, deep winding pools studded with boulders, faster riffles, and small ledge rock slots just begging for a large dry fly.  When a Palena trout decides it is going to take a dry fly, nothing can stand in its way.  They are extremely predatory fish, often following a fly right to the boat to ensure its capture.

Unlike other rivers in Chile that offer large trout, the Palena runs through a diverse scenic river valley.  At the headwaters the river is born from a high altitude glacial lake, and as the river heads toward the Pacific the vegetation becomes almost jungle like.  Aside from helping make it one of the most gorgeous rivers in Patagonia, the steep ridges offer the fly fishermen refuge from the relentless westerly winds. 

Probably one of the nicest surprises for anglers visiting the Palena is the diversity in fishing opportunities.  You may be sight casting to large cruising rainbows in an eddie on one side of the river, and then swinging a clouser into a root wad on the other.  

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So much to say about our first season on the Palena river and its surrounding rivers and lakes. In the four months that our season lasted, we have seen a lot of big trout being caught on both dry and streamer.  Most days, our fishermen have complained about sore wrists from reeling in big fish throughout the day! But most of all, we have had a fantastic human experience.  People...

Featured Waters

Like most other Chilean lodges, we have our private lakes that we fish.  In Chile these small lakes are referred to as lagunas. In the past we accessed these lagoons via horseback however, after some laborious work on the trail in, we can now drive straight to the lake.  Laguna Casita is large enough to hold good numbers of fish while not having to worry about catching the same fish...

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